Imo Model Course 1.39 Leadership And Teamwork Pdf

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Published: 02.05.2021

Imo model course 1.

Leadership and Teamwork (Model Course 1.39)

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Imo model course 1.39 leadership and teamwork pdf

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The present IMO Model Course is dealing with the on-board assessment, considered one of the most important aspects of the working on the ship. That is why it opens with the section underlining the need for the assessment and explaining its objective and scope; note that the relationship of the subject course with all other IMO model courses is also explained, together with the requirements commonly applicable to such assessments. The definitions of the shipboard assessment, as well as the performance objectives, measures, and standards are provided. The three sub-steps of the performance objective have been identified in the next section of the course, followed with the one where the performance measures and standards are determined. After that, the students will proceed to the preparation of the assessment package and the assessment process.

Relevant comments on the draft course have been received from the validation panel and have been incorporated, as appropriate. Action requested of the Sub-Committee 3 The Sub-Committee is invited to consider the above information and take action, as appropriate. IMO wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the members of GlobalMET for their valuable expert assistance and cooperation. Application of leadership and teamworking skills provisions for controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the operational level, and at the management level. Guidelines on dealing with management level issues that arise during the course for operation level seafarers.

IMO Model Courses

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Model Course 1.39 Leadership & Teamwork 2014

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(Model Course 1.39) Leadership & Teamwork, 2014 Edition

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