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Song (Go And Catch A Falling Star) Analysis

In this poem, John Donne openly challenges his readers. He has minutely seen the world but leaves its analysis on his readers and asks them to go anywhere in the world and catch a falling Star. Many people have the ability to achieve impossible targets; Donne challenges them too; he is of the view that even those persons cannot find a loyal woman in this world. One cannot catch a falling star; therefore, he also cannot find a loyal woman in the world. For Donne it is the most difficult task.

In love poems, Donne talks about women and their nature but he does not glorify their beauty. We merely find appreciation of beauty in poems of John Donne. It is not the case with John Donne. In this regard, he is different from other writers. It is to clarify that Donne has not challenged the loyalty of women. Donne is of the view that loyalty in beautiful women does not even exists; therefore, he does not challenge it. He could have challenged it if he had found it in any woman.

Thus, there is an element of impossibility. Although, in later sonnets, the poet had changed his attitude yet in love poems his attitude is strict. John Donne is not a philosopher. He only shares his feelings with his readers.

Theme of the poem, thus, is the inconstancy of women. This poem is highly ironic simultaneously symbolic. A woman should not deceive a man.

If she wants to do so, she should think thousand times before it. Even then, if she decides to betray, she should verify that her lover is not a poet. Otherwise, a poet will make her famous in his poetry as John Donne has did it. It seems that someone has betrayed John Donne; therefore, he does not consider many impossible tasks impossible but the task of finding a beautiful but loyal woman.

He concludes the poem with the theme of unfaithfulness of women. The poet gives some examples of impossible tasks. First task is of catching a falling star. We all know that one can pray when he sees a falling star but he cannot catch it; therefore, it is an impossible task. Second task is of getting a human-child from mandrake roots. Donne gives its example and says that it is impossible to get a human child from this tree. Third task is of finding the past years. No one knows from where the time comes and where does it go.

Thus, it is also an impossible task. Fifth task is of listening music of mermaid. Again, Donne has created reference from myth. Mermaid is a character of myth, that has body of woman, whereas tail of a fish instead of legs.

The poet knows that it is a mythical character, which does not exist; therefore, it is not possible to listen its music. The last task is somewhat satirical. Human nature is unchangeable. It is also there in humans. No one could remove envy from human nature. It is still part of human nature; therefore, it is impossible to change it. Donne believes that all the above works are impossible; however, he says that one may make these tasks possible but he cannot find a true and loyal woman.

From these instances, it is obvious that John Donne is master in creating far-fetched amazing examples. Donne maintains the flow of poem and illustrates another task though not impossible. From this stanza, it seems that no one can convince Donne regarding female nature.

He is against existence of loyalty in beautiful women. He is right or wrong, it is another matter yet his presentation and comparison between different things is praiseworthy. He is talking about the woman who is beautiful and loyal. One can find faithfulness in an ugly woman but not in beautiful woman. In last stanza of the poem, the poet seems convinced. He promises that if one were able to find a loyal and beautiful woman, he would go on a pilgrimage. Perhaps, Donne wants to advise us that there is scarcity of beautiful and faithful women in the world.

Thus, if one finds it then it is necessary for him to worship her. He then talks about possibility; a woman can sell his loyalty; she would have become disloyal until the poet reaches her. The poet has used colloquial style in the poem. Verse-pattern is neither conventional nor definable. Style of the poem changes with mood of the poet; it is, thus, dependent on emotions.

There is a strange kind of music in it. Donne is not a romantic poet. Even while praising beauty, his attitude remains unromantic. He is not talking about any single woman but about every beautiful woman of the world. He is not against beauty but against disloyalty. Undoubtedly, the Poem is a masterpiece. The poet goes at the peak while describing impossibility of a work but suddenly comes down and says it may be possible; the only task, which is impossible in the eyes of poet, is to find a loyal and beautiful woman.

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Go and Catch a Falling Star Analysis

In the print anthology this poem is titled. A summary of an unusual donne poem song often known by its first line go and catch a falling star is an unusual poem among john donnes work in. Go and catch a falling star analysis. Stanza 1 summary stanza 1 and 3 ababccddd stanza 2 ababbbccc the meter is iambic tetrameter alliteration line 10 best born and strange sights line 22 might. Go and catch a falling star get with child a mandrake root false ere i come to two or three. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of goe and catche a falling starre. It was published in the volume of songs and.

John Donne's "Go and catch a falling star," first published in , is a fantastical take on a traditional and misogynistic theme: women's supposedly inevitable infidelity. In the poem, a speaker tells a listener that he can look the whole world over, but finding a woman who'll be faithful to him is about as unlikely as finding a mermaid or meeting the devil. The poem's rhyme scheme , relatively steady meter, and clear hyperbole make its tone feel somewhat light-hearted and satirical, but the speaker also seems to harbor genuine melancholy, bitterness, and cynicism towards women and relationships. Teach me to hear mermaids singing, Or to keep off envy's stinging,. Select any word below to get its definition in the context of the poem. The words are listed in the order in which they appear in the poem. Richard Burton Reads the Poem — The famous actor gives a dramatic reading.

Thus, the researchers analyze one of the well-known poems by Donne, titled 'Go, and Catch a Falling Star', in the light of Langacker's construal.

A Short Analysis of John Donne’s ‘Song’ (‘Go and catch a falling star’)

Please add me on youtube. Analysis of the poem. Definition terms. Why did he use?

In this poem, John Donne openly challenges his readers. He has minutely seen the world but leaves its analysis on his readers and asks them to go anywhere in the world and catch a falling Star. Many people have the ability to achieve impossible targets; Donne challenges them too; he is of the view that even those persons cannot find a loyal woman in this world.

The lines also stick to a syllable pattern that changes within the different sets of rhyme. For example, the first four lines are the same, with seven syllables. The next two contain eight, then there are two two syllable lines. Finally the stanza ends with a seven syllable line. This is a very unusual pattern that works best if read aloud.

Yet the way Donne builds to this conclusion is beguiling. In summary, he advises the reader or, as this is a song, the listener to perform a series of impossible tasks:. Though she were true, when you met her, And last, till you write your letter, Yet she Will be False, ere I come, to two, or three.

Analysis of "Go and Catch a Falling Star" - by John Donne

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