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The Lenart Sphere Basic Set includes: [3].

Table of Contents: I.

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Table of Contents: I. Introduction II. Great Circles IV. Conclusion References. Introduction Captain Cook, mathematician? In fact, mathematics and exploration have a long history dating back to the times of the Greek and Phoenician mariners.

In the modern world, mathematics is commonly regarded as a "sit-down" science -- a subject where problems are often solved while sitting down in a classroom or office, and applications often relate to theory, finance, or business. However, during the days of exploration, when it was discovered that the world was indeed round and not flat, spherical geometry was integral in mapping out the world, in navigating the seven seas, and in using the position of stars to chart courses from one continent to another.

Spherical geometry is defined as "the study of figures on the surface of a sphere" MathWorld , and is the three-dimensional, spherical analogue of Euclidean or planar geometry. As the Earth's shape is roughly approximated by a sphere, these properties of spherical geometry aided explorers in charting out the globe and astronomers in plotting the course of planets and stars. Present day applications of these same properties include planning flights, cruises, and satellite orbits around the world.

The Basics of Spherical Geometry A sphere is defined as a closed surface in 3D formed by a set of points an equal distance R from the centre of the sphere, O. An arbitrary straight line not lying in the sphere and sphere in three dimensional space can either a not intersect at all; b intersect at one point on the sphere, when the line is tangent to the sphere at the point of intersection; or c intersect at precisely two points, when the line passes through the sphere.

In this particular case, if the line passes through the centre of the sphere and intersects the sphere's surface in two points, the points of intersection form the antipodes of the sphere.

The North and South Poles both the magnetic and geographic poles are examples of antipodes on the globe. Great Circles Like lines and spheres, an arbitrary straight plane and sphere in three dimensional space can have a no intersection; b one point of intersection, when the plane is tangent to the sphere at that point; or c an infinite number of points of intersection, when the plane cuts through the sphere and forms a circle of intersection.

Great circles are defined as those circles of intersection which share the same radius R and same centre O as the sphere it intersects. As their name implies, the great circles are the largest circles of intersection one can obtain by passing a straight plane through a sphere. On the globe, a line or meridian of longitude forms half of a great circle running from pole to pole and with its centre at the centre of the Earth. Imagine a line from the North to the South Pole, passing through the centre of the globe.

The circles of intersection formed by the globe and a plane perpendicular to this imaginary line make up the globe's lines or parallels of latitude. Each of these circles of intersection, with the exception of the Equator at which point the plane is at the midpoint of the pole-to-pole line, are called small circles precisely because their radii measure less than the Earth's radius R.

Navigators often used great circles to figure out the most efficient route to their destinations. It turns out that the shortest path between two points on a sphere is along a great circle path, that is, along an arc of a great circle. Have you ever wondered why a plane flying from Vancouver to the Philippines follows a route that takes you over Japan and Korea instead of flying a straight line over the Pacific Ocean? Or why a flight from New York to Europe has to travel over the Maritimes and almost reach Greenland instead of making a beeline over the Atlantic Ocean?

The exact reason behind the logic of taking great circle paths to travel the world is explained and proved in the following section. Spherical Triangles When the arcs of three great circles intersect on the surface of a sphere, the lines enclose an area known as a spherical triangle. Angles between great circles are measured by calculating the angle between the planes on which the great circles themselves lie.

How is this possible? The spherical angle formed by two intersecting arcs of great circles is equal to the angle between the tangent lines formed when the great circle planes touch the circle at their common point an antipode of the sphere since two great circles intersect each other in a line passing through the sphere's centre.

Like their angles, the length of the sides of a spherical triangle are measured in degrees or radians. Specifically, the length of a side of a spherical triangle equals the measurement of its opposite angle. In geography, the angle between two meridians of longitude equals the same number of degrees as the arc cut off by these lines of longitude on any circle of latitude.

The most useful application of spherical triangles and great circles is perhaps calculating the shortest-distance route between two points on the globe. Given two sides of a spherical triangle and the angle between these sides, the solution for a spherical triangle yields the length of the third side. Therefore the formula for the third side, a , of a spherical triangle, given two sides, b and c , and their included angle, A is. Imagine you had to find the best route from New York to London.

In miles, given that one degree of a great circle is approximately 69 miles Conclusion Geometry derives its meaning from the Greek words geometria and geometrein which mean "measuring the earth".

Geography, on the other hand derives its meaning from the Greek words geographia and geographein which mean "describing or writing about the earth".

One would expect words so similar in meaning to be similar in concept as well. However, the two fields were separate and distinct until the days of ancient Greece, when Ptolemy astronomer, mathematician and geographer made use of geometry in reasoning more about the earth and its shape:.

It is the great and exquisite accomplishment of mathematics to show all these things to human intelligence Interestingly enough, it was also Ptolemy and not Christopher Columbus who discovered that the earth was spherical and not flat, and stated his rationale in the Almagest years before Columbus sailed around the world:.

Also, if the earth were flat from north to south and vice versa, the stars which were always visible to anyone would continue to be so wherever he went, which is false. But it seems flat to human sight because it is so extensive. Like geometry and geography, the worlds of spherical geometry used in geography and planar geometry commonly taught in most geometry courses are closely related and yet extremely different. Maps provide a way of translating the spherical view of the world to a planar view, by projecting the Earth's topologies and locations to a flattened surface using Hammer, Mercator or cylindrical methods.

A consistent and standard representation that minimizes projective distortions is yet to be established. The discovery of spherical geometry not only changed the history and the face of mathematics and Euclid's geometry, but also changed the way humans viewed and charted the world.

Using this new knowledge, explorers and astronomers used the circular path of stars to navigate the earth to discover new lands and reason about the cosmos.

References: Borowski, E. Collins Reference Dictionary of Mathematics. London and Glasgow. Casselman, Dr. A Manual of Mathematical Illustration. Mathematics for the Million. Norton and Company, Inc. New York. Hogben, Lancelot. Science for the Citizen. Mariners' Museum, The.

Polking, John C. The Geometry of the Sphere 1. Click on the links to obtain these. For latitude.

Plane Trigonometry

Numeracy Skills:. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and start improving your life in just 5 minutes a day. Trigonometry is a system that helps us to work out missing or unknown side lengths or angles in a triangle. There is more about triangles on our page on Polygons should you need to brush up on the basics before you read further here. A right-angled triangle has a single right angle.

A great-circle arc, on the sphere, is the analogue of a straight line, on the plane. Where two such arcs intersect, we can define the spherical angle either as angle between the tangents to the two arcs, at the point of intersection, or as the angle between the planes of the two great circles where they intersect at the centre of the sphere. Spherical angle is only defined where arcs of great circles meet. There are many formulae relating the sides and angles of a spherical triangle. In this course we use only two: the sine rule and the cosine rule.

Buildings and structures are essential to our existence. Garden Pizza. Geometry With Trigonometry. The trigonometric function that would be used will depend on the information that is known and what you are asked to find. See more ideas about trigonometry, high school math, precalculus. Students determine the use of the building, draw scale drawings, and use trigonometric functions Trigonometry - Trigonometry - India and the Islamic world: The next major contribution to trigonometry came from India. This book consists of my lectures of a freshmen-level mathematics class of-fered at Arkansas Tech University.

for the planes determining the sides of the spherical triangle by intersection This is called the cosine law for angles in spherical trigonometry. Brillouin's classic is an object lesson in how much can be accomplished with a minimum of.

Oblique Spherical Triangle

It is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships involving lengths and angles of triangles. The six ratios of the three sides of the triangle can be expressed as one of the six trigonometric functions. Degree-Minute-Second B.

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Any of the Schaum's outlines are well worth the price. Will be found a collection of formulae form for convenient reference. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. The essentials of plane and spherical trigonometry : Wells. Elements of plane and spherical trigonometry by C.

Webster Wells - The Essentials Of Plane And Spherical Trigonometry

Want to learn Trigonometry? Here is a quick summary.

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Webster Wells - The Essentials Of Plane And Spherical Trigonometry

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