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Coursework 1 Adam, Belle, Claire and Dennis have decided to set up a new company which is private, limited by shares. The MoA was significantly simplified later by the Companies Act [4]. Now, it requires the names of the first subscribers.

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Company Law Exam Questions and Answers PDF

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Suggested answers to end-of-chapter questions

None of the above a. If you are on mobile I would recommend that you just download the PDF using the green download button. Collective B. Answer D , Down working C. Decent women employment D.

Problem Questions and Answers on Company Law

Answer Section 3 1 of the Companies Act, defines a company. Company means a company formed and registered under this Act or an existing company. The most striking feature in the company form of organisation is that it acquires a unique character of being a separate legal entity.

Question: A company to issue sweat equity shares must pass a. Question: Rate of brokerage for the deposits which have term between years a 1. Question: Depositing of proxy with the company should be made with in how many hours a 24 b 48 c 36 d 72 Ans. Question: Rate of brokerage for the deposits which have term for more than two years a 1.

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    Objective Questions on Company Law with Answers: Question: A company to issue sweat equity shares must pass a. (a) Special resolution (b) Ordinary.

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