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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Feb 1, - Free worksheet pdf and answer key on Compound interest. Worksheet - Compound interest. Read these revision notes on 'Compound interest'. To compete and clear the competitive exam, candidates have to prepare their self properly and make their capability towards the selection process.

simple and compound interest worksheets

Use days for a year. How much interest will you pay? What annual rate of interest was charged? The government charged a penalty of Find the total amount that must be paid.

In simple interest, a sum of money doubles itself in 10 years. Find the number of years it will take to triple itself. Problem 3 :. Find the principal. Problem 4 :. If interest is compounded half yearly, what will be the accumulated value and C. I after 2 years?

simple interest worksheet with answers

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Simple Interest Word Problems - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. Each worksheet has 10 simple interest word problems. About this resource: This short simple interest worksheet contains 6 problems. Practicing questions on simple interest worksheet help the children to calculate simple interest S. Worksheet Properties.

Compound Interest Worksheets

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Compound interest is important for anyone making investments or repaying loans to understand how to profit the most from interest. Depending on whether compound interest is being earned or paid on a sum, it could either make a person much more money or cost them much more on a loan than simple interest. Compound interest is interest on a principal sum and any of its accrued interest often called interest-on-interest. It is most commonly calculated when reinvesting earnings gained from interest on a sum back into the original deposit, thus greatly increasing the amount gained by the investor.

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