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[PDF Download] OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X: Architecture Performance and Integration [Read]

Latest version: 4. You should eject the disk image. Ideas for fixing that are welcome. On Windows , the system may tell you 'Windows has protected your computer'. To overcome this issue, right-click on this file, click on the 'properties' menu, and activate the 'unlock' checkbox. You can test the next 4. The next major release. We redesigned the user interface.

No new LaTeX feature but various issues fixed. Another bugfix release. The last release, I hope, before a first public release of the 4. This release fixes a crash while running the application using Java 9. Give an eye to the release note for more details regarding the bugs fixed.

This may be the last release before a first public beta release of the 4. This 4. This new version fixes serious issues, in particular for the latest version of MikTeX. Give an eye to the release note for more details regarding the bug-fixes. This new version fixes many bugs, in particular for MacOSX.

One new feature is that an 'app' package is now provided for MacOSX users. They just have to put it in the "Applications" folder and it should be smoothly integrated in the system. Java 8 is also required instead of the old Java 7 to run the application.

This new version fixes major bugs. Since the 3. I just found a fix -- using openGL to render the graphics -- but it may rise glitches or other graphical issues depending on you system and on your graphical card. For instance the mini-toolbars are not painted correctly with my Intel graphical chipset on Linux. Nevermind, the graphical performances are great now. You can still de-activate the use of openGL in the preferences.

Give an eye to the release note for more details regarding the other bug-fixes. In particular the problem related to the new MacOS version "El captain" seems to be fixed. Give an eye to the release note for more details. As a reminder, you can support this software by making a donation.

This new version fixes major bugs introduced in the previous release. This new version brings an exciting new feature: the support of psplot! As explained in my previous post, psplot permits to plot functions following the postscript formalism e. Polar coordinates can be used and various parameters are available. Besides, many bugs have been fixed. The no-more-far 3. The command psplot permits to plot functions as depicted in the following figure. As you can see, you can type your function following the postscript formalism.

You can also customise some parameters such as the number of plotted points, whether the function has to be plotted following polar coordinates, etc. I know there is a feature to type functions in a more natural way e. You can try that by using the latest development version. I said in my previous post that ps2eps requires Perl. In fact, the real problem on Windows is that ps2eps does not exist anymore!? I just replaced the use of ps2eps by ps2epsi.

It should normally fix the problem of exporting EPS picture. Tell me whether this issue is now fixed. Miktex is certainly the widely-used LaTeX distribution on Windows. Some LaTeX binaries pdfcrop and ps2eps notably have a dependency to an application not installed by default by Miktex: perl.

So, Windows users that do not have perl installed cannot use pdfcrop and ps2eps. I will look at avoiding such a new installation for the next release. I did not have the time to finish the support of PSPlot functions. It will be part of the next release for sure. This new version brings important changes and fixes major bugs. The new features are: Opacity and strokeopacity attributes are now supported. That permits to set the opacity of colours for the line border and the filling. The size of drawing area is no more limited to the size of the drawing.

Additional boundaries are now provided around the drawing area to ease the editing. In complement to the previous change, a page US letter only for the moment is painted. When zooming using the mouse, the zoom process follows the pointer. The zoom increment, min, and max values have been changed to fit this new feature. Like many drawing applications, the view point of the drawing area can be move using the middle button of the mouse or both the right and left buttons in some cases.

It is more convenient than using the scroll bars. Better rendering performance. Ukrainian translation added. A menu item has been added to go to the latexdraw manual A text field that contains the LaTeX compilation error log has been added to the text toolbar. Regarding the fixed bugs, the major one is the non-creation of LaTeX text on Windows 7 and 8. If the native LaTeX rendering works like a charm on Linux, it seems that it does not work correctly on Windows. I just fixed an issue that blocked that feature on Windows Seven but I do not have a Windows 8 to test that.

So, do not hesitate to download the latest development version to test the LaTeX rendering on Windows Seven, 8 and MacOSX, and send me an email or use the forum to give me feedback! It is about time. Latexdraw 3. More than 3 years without any stable release. As I said previously Latexdraw has been totally rewritten to be more usable and easy to maintain in the future.

See below for the new features and give an eye to the release note. So use it! The first beta release is out. Many bugs have been fixed, many others remain. So, let's test it and hope it would be the last beta before the final release. So test it! Ok ok folks. Almost one year without any release More seriously this release re-introduces the conversion of pstricks code into shapes, and fixes several and annoying bugs such as the pdf-blank-page bug.

Just as a reminder, this branch 3. That's why it takes so long. The version 3. So the next release will be a beta one and will bring bug fixes, performance and usability improvements. Fourth alpha just released. Still for testing purposes only. Test it! One more alpha version is expected to re- support PSTricks import. Then, beta versions will be prepared to fix issues. Third alpha just released. I was pretty busy these last weeks so that this release does not contain a lot of improvements: can rotate shapes; can customise axes; can customise the drawings' properties.

Another alpha is expected in a couple of weeks. Second alpha just released. Still for testing purposes only piece of advice ;. A third alpha is expected in 4 weeks. Finally a release.


Mac OS X, in general, is built as a layered software system. The lower layers are the ones closer to the hardware. These layers include software like hardware drivers and routines for accessing processor specific features such as AltiVec. The higher layers build upon the functionality beneath them and offer applications services that are easier to use. The challenge of the application designer is to decide at what level he needs to access the graphics system.

OpenGL Programming on MAC OS X: Architecture, Performance, And Integration [Kuehne, Robert P., Sullivan, J. D.] on *FREE* shipping on.

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OpenCL C 3. OpenCL provides a standard interface for parallel computing using task- and data-based parallelism. OpenCL is an open standard maintained by the non-profit technology consortium Khronos Group.

Apple was not an exhibitor this year but apparently the company made some type of presentation, perhaps in some other booth or in a conference session. The new and updated Quartz Compositor in Jaguar will feature double buffered windows, per-pixel alpha channels, per-window fade control, per-window transform and warp, and integrated 2D, 3D and video. The next diagram shows Quartz Extreme.

This difference in capabilities between the GPU and the CPU exists because they are designed with different goals in mind. While the CPU is designed to excel at executing a sequence of operations, called a thread , as fast as possible and can execute a few tens of these threads in parallel, the GPU is designed to excel at executing thousands of them in parallel amortizing the slower single-thread performance to achieve greater throughput. The GPU is specialized for highly parallel computations and therefore designed such that more transistors are devoted to data processing rather than data caching and flow control. Devoting more transistors to data processing, e. In general, an application has a mix of parallel parts and sequential parts, so systems are designed with a mix of GPUs and CPUs in order to maximize overall performance.

Mac OS X Graphics Architecture

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