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Not to mention the fact that they are only one letter off from each other and that they both heavily deal with the manufacturing industry. MRP stands for material requirements planning.

Material requirements planning MRP is a production planning , scheduling , and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. MRP was computerized by the aero engine makers Rolls Royce and General Electric in the early s but not commercialized by them.

What is the difference between ERP and MRP?

Each system was designed to help ensure businesses have the right balance of labor, machinery and materials to meet production demand. However, there are distinctions that anyone involved in improving business productivity should be aware of. The original MRP was an early computer-based method of increasing productivity. The system relied on capturing specific sets of data and analyzing them. Since the adoption of the original MRP, businesses have become capable of capturing much more data and analyzing it to a more-refined degree than they could in the past, which is how MRP II came about.

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Material requirements planning

On the surface, that seems like a question with a simple answer, but in execution the difference might be a little more complex. Those resources include everything from finances to workforce and materials to processes and information. MRP is a more specialized type of software. Some organizations need the full-service approach that comes with ERP. An ERP application can tie together all the systems across an organization that make it run smoothly—all aspects of customer relationship management CRM from ordering through payments, including the financial side of the business that the customer never sees. Depending on the ERP software selected, it may have capabilities that tie in to human resources and human capital management or into sales force management. Most ERP applications also have MRP capabilities built in that include materials management, shop floor management, bills of materials, quoting, and work orders.

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A Comprehensive Study on The Differences Between MRP and ERP Implementation

But this was not always the case. MRP was developed in the s as a mechanism for manufacturing companies to calculate more precisely what materials they required, at what time and in what optimum quantities. With the growth of the manufacturing businesses and the complexity of the operations, businesses needed better solution that will help them handle the manufacturing operations. In s , material requirements planning MRP evolved into manufacturing resource planning MRP II because manufacturers realized the need for the system to reach broader aspects within the company, such as: invoicing, payroll, detailed capacity planning, scheduling and shop floor control.


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ERP implementation. Differences Between MRP and ERP Systems. Since the s, manufacturing systems were focused on traditional inventory control.


An ERP system supports the coordination of resources, information and processes within a company. It consists of a common database that provides interfaces and information to all areas of the company. The MRP system was developed in the s and focused primarily on the inventory of production components.

MRP vs. ERP: Differences and Tools

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