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NET tutorial.

Computer Network Interview Questions

In this advanced technology world, there are none who have never used the Internet. Earlier, for appearing in an interview, people used to go through all the concerned books and materials available page by page carefully. But the Internet has made it all so easy. There are several sets of interview questions and answers available easily nowadays.

In this article, I have listed the most important and frequently asked basic networking interview questions and answers with pictorial representation for your easy understanding and remembrance. This will strive towards success steps in your career. Answer: Network is defined as a set of devices connected to each other using a physical transmission medium.

For Example, A computer network is a group of computers connected with each other to communicate and share information and resources like hardware, data, and software. In a network, nodes are used to connect two or more networks. Answer: Two or more computers are connected directly by an optical fiber or any other cable.

A node is a point where a connection is established. It is a network component that is used to send, receive and forward the electronic information. A device connected to a network is also termed as Node. Answer: Network topology is a physical layout of the computer network and it defines how the computers, devices, cables, etc are connected to each other. Answer: The router is a network device that connects two or more network segments. It is used to transfer information from the source to the destination.

Routers send the information in terms of data packets and when these data packets are forwarded from one router to another router then the router reads the network address in the packets and identifies the destination network. Answer: O pen S ystem I nterconnection, the name itself suggests that it is a reference model that defines how applications can communicate with each other over a networking system. It also helps to understand the relationship between networks and defines the process of communication in a network.

Describe each layer briefly. Example: Ethernet. This layer also detects the errors that occurred at Layer 1. It keeps track of transmission and sends the segments again if the transmission fails. It establishes, coordinates, exchange and terminates the connections between local and remote applications.

Layer 6 transforms the data into the form in which the application layer accepts. Both end-user and application layer interacts with the software application. This layer provides services for email, file transfer, etc. Q 7 What is the difference between Hub, Switch, and Router?

Answer: Hub Switch Router Hub is least expensive, least intelligent and least complicated of the three. It broadcast all data to every port which may cause serious security and reliability concern Switches work similarly like Hubs but in a more efficient manner.

It creates connections dynamically and provides information only to the requesting port The router is smartest and most complicated out of these three. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

Routers are similar like little computers dedicated for routing network traffic In a Network, Hub is a common connection point for devices connected to the network. Hub contains multiple ports and is used to connect segments of LAN Switch is a device in a network which forwards packets in a network Routers are located at gateway and forwards data packets. Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. It is the primary protocol and port used here is TCP port HTTPs is used for secure communication over a computer network.

HTTPs provides authentication of websites that prevents unwanted attacks. In bi-directional communication, the HTTPs protocol encrypts the communication so that the tampering of the data gets avoided.

With the help of an SSL certificate, it verifies if the requested server connection is a valid connection or not. Answer: Firewall is a network security system that is used to protect computer networks from unauthorized access. It prevents malicious access from outside to the computer network. A firewall can also be built to grant limited access to outside users. The firewall consists of a hardware device, software program or a combined configuration of both.

All the messages that route through the firewall are examined by specific security criteria and the messages which meet the criteria are successfully traversed through the network or else those messages are blocked.

Firewalls can be installed just like any other computer software and later can be customized as per the need and have some control over the access and security features. For a human being, it is easy to remember and recognize the domain name, however, the computer is a machine that does not understand the human language and they only understand the language of IP addresses for data transfer.

All Internet service providers and different host companies usually interact with this central registry to get the updated DNS details. For Example , When you type a website www.

Q 14 What is the difference between a Domain and a Workgroup? Answer: In a computer network, different computers are organized in different methods and these methods are — Domains and Workgroups.

Usually, computers which run on the home network belong to a Workgroup. However, computers that are running on an office network or any workplace network belong to the Domain. Q 15 What is a Proxy Server and how do they protect the computer network? It means without the knowledge of correct and actual IP addresses it is not possible to identify the physical location of the network. Proxy servers prevent external users who are unauthorized to access such IP addresses of the internal network.

It makes the computer network virtually invisible to external users. Proxy Server also maintains the list of blacklisted websites so that the internal user is automatically prevented from getting easily infected by viruses, worms, etc.

Answer: An IP address has 4 sets octets of numbers each with a value up to For Example , the range of the home or commercial connection started primarily between x or 10 x. IP classes are differentiated based on the number of hosts it supports on a single network. If IP classes support more networks then very few IP addresses are available for each network. If the first octet begins with 0 bit then it is of type Class A.

Class A type has a range up to If it starts with bits 10 then it belongs to Class B. Class B having a range from IP class belongs to Class C if the octet starts with bits Class C has a range from Q 17 What is meant by Answer: IP address These networks are usually reserved for the biggest customers or some of the original members of the Internet.

To identify any connection issue, the initial step is to ping the server and check if it is responding. If there is no response from the server then there are various causes like the network is down or the cable needs to be replaced or the network card is not in good condition.

It is also known as Network Adapter or Ethernet Card. It is in the form of an add-in card and is installed on a computer so that the computer can be connected to a network. Answer: In a computer network, to enable data transmission from one computer to another, the network devices send messages in the form of packets.

The Data Link Layer encapsulates each packet in a frame that contains the hardware address of the source and the destination computer. If a destination computer is on the remote network then the frames are routed through a gateway or router to the destination computer. Q 20 What is the difference between the Internet, Intranet, and Extranet?

Answer: The terminologies Internet, Intranet, and Extranet are used to define how the applications in the network can be accessed. Internet-based VPNs are less expensive and can be connected from anywhere in the world.

VPNs are used for secure transactions and confidential data can be transferred between multiple offices. VPN keeps company information secure against any potential intrusion. Answer: Ipconfig stands for Internet Protocol Configuration and this command is used on Microsoft Windows to view and configure the network interface. Command Line Interface. It allows you to see the IP addresses of these network interfaces.

It completely removes the process of manual allocation of IP addresses and reduces the errors caused due to this. These servers then assign, release and renew the IP addresses as there might be a chance that network devices can leave the network and some of them can join back to the network.

It is a network protocol used for collecting organizing and exchanging information between network devices. SNMP is widely used in network management for configuring network devices like switches, hubs, routers, printers, servers. The below diagram shows how these components are connected with each other in the SNMP architecture:.

Q 25 What are the different types of a network? Explain each briefly. Part 2: Networking Questions Series. Q 26 Differentiate Communication and Transmission? Answer: Through Transmission the data gets transferred from source to destination only one way. It is treated as the physical movement of data. Communication means the process of sending and receiving data between two media data is transferred between source and destination in both ways.

Q 27 Describe the layers of the OSI model?

Top 135 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

What is main difference between Communication and Transmission? Explain the concept of Cross Cable and Standard Cable? When we have to connect different devices or same devices we connect with cables and the in such a way that. It is a range of frequency within given band. In lay man term it is capacity of a network to hold. It is layer three devices which connect two or more different network together.

We have compiled the most frequently asked Networking Interview Questions and Answers that will help you to prepare for the Networking basics interview questions that an interviewer might ask you during your interview. In this list of Networking interview questions, we have covered all commonly asked basic and advanced interview questions on networking with detailed answers to help you clear the job interview. This detailed guide of Network Engineer interview questions will help you to crack your Job interview easily. A link refers to the connectivity between two devices. It includes the type of cables and protocols used for one device to be able to communicate with the other.

Networking Interview Questions

In this advanced technology world, there are none who have never used the Internet. Earlier, for appearing in an interview, people used to go through all the concerned books and materials available page by page carefully. But the Internet has made it all so easy.

Computer Networks Interview Questions And Answers Guide

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200 Networking Interview Questions and Answers - Networking Faq PDF

A list of top frequently asked networking interview questions and answers are given below. Network topology specifies the layout of a computer network. It shows how devices and cables are connected to each other. The types of topologies are:. Network reliability: Network reliability means the ability of the network to carry out the desired operation through a network such as communication through a network.

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Network Engineer Interview Questions and Answers. LAN network. Router. WAN network. TCP/IP Layers. Star Topology. P2P Network. Partially Connected Mesh Topology. Fully Connected Mesh Topology.

Top 60 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

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How to prepare for Networking Interview Questions?

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