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Published: 26.04.2021

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Openhole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation

Rodermund, C. New logging programs have been designed for use in holes drilled with cable tools or air-drilled with rotary rigs. The Gamma-Ray Log is generally very useful for correlation. Gamma-Gamma Density, Induction, and Neutron Logs provide basic information to permit evaluation of the gas or oil in place. The techniques for quantitative interpretation involve new ways of interrelating data from the basic logs, taking into account the response of each to hydrocarbons.

The specific logging program, and its accompanying interpretation scheme, is based upon the type of hydrocarbon present. When only gas is present, the porosity and gas saturation are obtained by one of the following programs: Induction plus Gamma-Gamma logs when the formation is of moderate resistivity;. When oil is the principal hydrocarbon, a resistivity measurement is essential for saturation determination; porosity is preferably obtained from the Gamma-Gamma Density Log.

When gas, oil, and water coexist, all three basic tools are required. The Gamma-Ray and Caliper curves, normally available with the above services, are essential for proper interpretation. The addition of the Temperature Survey to the logging program provides a means of locating permeable gas horizons and assists in validating the application of the basic logs. Sign In or Register.

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Openhole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book addresses vital issues, such as the evaluation of shale gas reservoirs and their production. Topics include the cased-hole logging environment, reservoir fluid properties; flow regimes; temperature, noise, cement bond, and pulsed neutron logging; and casing inspection. Production logging charts and tables are included in the appendices. Richard M. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Cased-Hole Log Analysis and Reservoir Performance Monitoring

Rodermund, C. New logging programs have been designed for use in holes drilled with cable tools or air-drilled with rotary rigs. The Gamma-Ray Log is generally very useful for correlation.

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K Chadha. The identification of fluid saturations in depleted reservoir sands is critical to understand the reservoir potential and field life. However, in case of water flooding, the formation water salinity of the reservoirs sands might be altered and fluid saturations from conventional petrophysical analysis can be misleading. This will have direct impact on the field economics. They are used essentially to determine oil saturation in cased hole conditions for depleted reservoirs. While their cased hole applications have been well established; for the study well, a pulsed neutron tool was used in an open hole environment to determine the fluid saturations to compare against the saturations computed from conventional resistivity logs. This study helped in the determination of fluid saturations in mixed salinity reservoir sands, which were to be explored from subsequent wells in the field.

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Open-Hole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation

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