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As MBA degree require equal attention practical as well as theoretical aspect of the business, various problems are to be dealt with in these courses, that is why research programs are there to give deep as well as thorough knowledge of the subjects. I have attempted to live up these requisites while preparing this report. Industrial Training is a part of professional courses. With the help of Industrial Training we can able to understand the work undertaken in a company. In todays competitive world, employees performance plays a very important role in the growth of a particular concern.

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Every task is undertaken with an objective. Without any objective a task is rendered meaningless. The main objectives for undertaking this project are:.

The insurance sector is marked with a high level of attrition and therefore recruitment process becomes a crucial function of the organization. The attrition is high among the sales managers, unit mangers mostly in the sales profile. The recruitment is high during these months due to the fact that March and September are half year closing and business is high during Jan-Mar. Thus it is only after March that people move out of the companies.

Since my summer training was in the months of May-June, it gave me the opportunity of involving myself directly with the recruitment process and analyzing the process so that suitable recommendations can be given.

This project is centered on identifying best hiring practices in the insurance industries. It therefore requires great amount of research work. The methodology adopted was planned in advance so as to collect data in the most organized way.

I was directly involved with the recruitment for candidates for the sales profile. I was particularly involved with the sourcing of candidates for the regions outside Delhi such as M. P and Rajasthan. If they think that the candidate was good to hire or not. We created the online aptitude test. It the HR department, which has the exclusive rights to assign test, codes to the candidates. Each code was unique and could be used only once by a candidate. If he cleared his cut-off he was given another test.

It was convenient method than to stock up piles of papers. PACE containes all the information of a candidate such as name, contact number, location etc. Date Source. Data Collection Procedure :- Survey. Research Instrument :- Structured Questionnaire. Sample Size : - Sample Area : - work done in Delhi regional Office. Sample procedure :- Random sampling. Limitations of the study. Every task is undertaken with an objective and accomplishment of this objective determines our success.

The recruitment at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance involved a lot search from the database and calling up candidates to check whether they fit the job specification.

Candidates were to be searched from the job portals and called up to be scheduled for an interview. Inter company analysis through survey and questionnaire filling. Topic Information. Recruitment is the process by which organizations locate and attract individuals to fill job vacancies. Most organizations have a continuing need to recruit new employees to replace those who leave or are promoted in order to acquire new skills and promote organizational growth.

Recruitment follows HR planning and goes hand in hand with selection process by which organizations evaluate the suitability of candidates. With successful recruiting to create a sizeable pool of candidates, even the most accurate selection system is of little use. Recruiting begins when a vacancy occurs and the recruiter receives authorization to fill it.

The next step is careful examination of the job and enumeration of skills, abilities and experience needed to perform the job successfully. Other steps follow:. Scope: To define the process and flow of activities while recruiting, selecting and appointing personnel on the permanent rolls of an organization. Any amendments to and deviations from this policy can only be authorized by the Head-human Resources and the Managing Director. The policy does not cover the detailed formalities involved after the candidate joins the organization.

The organization philosophy should be kept in mind while formulating the recruitment procedure. The HR department would set the recruitment norms for the organization. However, the onus of effective implementation and compliance with the process rests with the heads of the respective functions and departments who are involved in the recruitment and selection process.

The process is aimed at defining the series of activities that needs to be performed by different persons involved in the process of recruitment, the checks and control measures to be adopted and information that has to be captured. Recruitment and Selection is conducted by:. Recruitment planning on the basis of budget. Review of Manpower Plans and Additional Manpower.

Review of manpower budgets shall take place on a quarterly basis. In the event of any new position or any deviations to the original plans, details of the positions maybe forwarded to the VP-HR along with the adequate supporting information.

The recommendations would normally require a formal approval of the Managing Director. Selection of Sources. The norms for using any of the sources are not water tight. Number of positions, criticality of positions and the urgency of the positions, confidentiality requirements, relative efficacy and cost considerations would play a role in the choice of the appropriate sourcing mechanism.

Key features of the positions as notified by the Functional Heads would normally form a part of the advertisement text. Plans for such recruitment need specific special approval of VP-HR. Screening the candidates. First level screening. Screening would be on the basis of the profile of the candidate and the departmental requirements. This assessment will be with respect to:. In case of need, the Regional HR may take a Tele interview of the candidate for further assessment process.

Second Level Screening. Aptitude Test. If the first assessment is positive, the candidates will give the aptitude test, once such test is selected approved by the company. The scoring, interpretation and the generation of interview probes from that test will also be done at this time.

Tied Agency Sales Manager candidates short listed by the BM have will then take sales Aptitude test, once such a test is finalized. The chart specifying the Minimum approval level for each level of recruitment is specified below:. Administrative Actions Regarding Interviews. Negotiations of the terms and conditions and other pre-appointment formalities. Reference checks. Normal, reference checks should be undertaken with at least one reference.

A second reference check will be done if considered necessary. Close relatives and friends cannot be considered as references. In case the candidate is currently un-employed, reference should be made with the latest employer. The format of reference check is to be used as a framework for conducting the process. Where the minimum two reference checks are not possible particularly with the current employer or where there is a mixed response from different sources, the matter may be to the VP-HR for a final decision.

Depending on the seniority and any other considerations about the positions, VP-HR would normally consult the functional head concerned, before coming to conclusions.

Any candidate whose credentials are doubtful shall not be recruited. In case of recruitment of Management trainees, fresher and life advisors as sales Managers no reference checks will be required. Employment offer letter.

Key tasks of Regional HR Head. An illustrative list of the key deliverables of these incumbents is listed below. Brand equity of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Rigorous Pre-Hiring assessment tests to understand aptitude and personality of candidates. Proper reference checks to ensure that only bonafide candidates are appointed.

Adequate number of channel partners to generate footfalls for each location. Footfall MIS being maintained at each branch locally by Admin. Pre assessment tests are costly. Conversion of footfalls is low. Lengthy pre-offer formalities. Huge employee turnover.

Tie up with recruitment agencies on supplying fixed number of footfalls week on week. Develop exclusive contract with channel partners to meet the manpower requirements. Make blue form brief and to the point. Reduce turn around time of making an offer. Increasing number of private players in insurance sector creates ample choices, frequent and easy mobility for employees.

Same channel partners are handling all insurance companies.

HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection Projects

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Delivery time: Within 12 hours for readymade project and 3 days for new project. Description: Recruitment and selection are two of the most important functions of personnel management. Recruitment precedes selection and helps in selecting a right candidate. Recruitment is a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirement of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of efficient personnel. Staffing is one basic function of management. All managers have responsibility of staffing function by selecting the chief executive and even the foremen and supervisors have a staffing responsibility when they select the rank and file workers.

Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management (OB/HR)

As MBA degree require equal attention practical as well as theoretical aspect of the business, various problems are to be dealt with in these courses, that is why research programs are there to give deep as well as thorough knowledge of the subjects. I have attempted to live up these requisites while preparing this report. Industrial Training is a part of professional courses.

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It has not been submitted to any other university or institution for the award of any degree or diploma. They can make or break the fortunes of a business. The recruitment and selection decision is of prime importance as it is the vehicle for obtaining the best possible person-to-job fit that will, contribute significantly towards the Company's effectiveness. It is also becoming increasingly important, as the Company evolves and changes, that new recruits show a willingness to learn, adaptability and ability to work as part of a team. I am privileged to be one of the students who got an opportunity to do my training with My Liberty Homes.

Project Report on Recruitment & selection

Example topics in HR encompass job analysis, recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, quality of work life, workforce diversity, and strategic human resource management. Students are also required to attend and participate in the Students Presentations Series SPS and Career and Professionalization Seminar Series CAPSS sessions each semester during the program — as these sessions will focus on developing critical research and career-related knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Students may choose a set of courses for their minor that significantly enhances their ability to make scientific contributions to their major field and that will improve their placement prospects. This option can often encompass a selection of courses both inside and outside the department. The intent of the first year paper is to develop student skills in writing the theoretical framework of a paper.

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