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My Life Planning Workbook - Achieve Goal Setting Success

Goals are a very important thing to many of us. We all have goals. Some of us even create action plans to help us reach those goals. This time of year, a lot of goal setting resources are released to coincide with the new year. There are two different books in the goal setting set: one for life, and one for business. Today, I am focusing solely on the workbook to help you create your amazing life.

The business book will come later. Leonie Dawson is a hippie chick from Australia who has a thriving business in helping others achieve their goals in life and business. She seems to be a very free spirit, full of life and color, and her workbooks reflect that personality. While I have never taken any of her courses, nor do I subscribe to her uber spiritual in the tarot card reading type of way.

I am a religious person, though. Inside this stunning book you see brightly colored, glossy pages. I find that writing on them with a Sharpie pen or my Pilot Frixion pens works best for me.

The book is bound by a metal coil. Then the goal setting for starts. If we improve in that area, how many other areas would naturally reap the benefits from us giving ourselves the rest and recharging we need and deserve?

Each section also contains a resource page, which is new to the edition of the workbooks. Leonie offers great book and website suggestions for areas such as finances, creativity, career, and more. Some pages have you doing activities other than writing. For example, the body section has a page with two blank bodies on it. Throughout the book there are other awesome pages that help you get creative and thoughtful juices flowing. Just to name a few:. All of these are in there with the hopes that it will help mentally keep you fired up and ready for anything that might get in the way of achieving your goals.

I think the Create Your Shining Year in Life workbook really covers everything when it comes to getting you ready to set goals and make plans for the new year. Its a resources I love using. With plenty of note pages in the back, it will be easy to write up action plans to help achieve my goals. This book makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one that you know is looking for a little extra goal setting motivation for this year.

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Zig Ziglar - Goal Setting Process Workbook

The Commit to Your Best Life Now GOal workbook is designed to integrate practical, workable steps, positive habit-creation tips, and wellness tools to help you achieve your goals and commit to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Throughout this workbook, you will have access to my hyper-organized, goal-getting, adventure-loving, believe-in-you brain. It is my best content all in one place. Together, we will reflect, renew, and focus; embrace possibility; and welcome the new year or new season with clear intention and an actionable plan. It starts with a vision: What do you want your life to look like?

Teacher Goal Setting Examples. Get Specific. The beginning of the school year is the perfect opportunity to become the ultimate organized teacher. For example, on our twitter account, some teachers post pictures of students with their certificates once they've broken 30wpm. There are many ways to be a better teacher. Goal setting promotes self-mastery. Otherwise, goal-setting is just a rote, check-the-box exercise.

However, this section could be used by itself if so desired. Commit yourself to take these goal-setting steps NOW. Just remember, When you do the things you need to do, when you need to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. Now for the action steps:. Action Step IOn your Dream List page 6 , let your imagination run wild and print everything you want to be, do or have. When you print, your concentration is greater and you burn the idea more indelibly into your subconscious mind.

My Annual Goal-Setting & Weekly Planning Process Is Live! (Free PDF Downloads). Goal Setting Action Workbook cover.

Goal Workbook (Printable & Digital)

Goals are a very important thing to many of us. We all have goals. Some of us even create action plans to help us reach those goals.

By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and improve. When there is a target, people feel driven to meet it. Decide specifically what it is you want. Identify, as goals, two things you want to accomplish this year. In other words, set goals t hat will be challenging to reach.

For those of you new to our community, Live Your Legend is a community and movement dedicated to changing the world by helping people find work that genuinely excites them and build a career around making the impact only you can. The majority of the Live Your Legend tools and community resources are totally free to the public, and this workbook is only one of the many tools in our Passionate Work Toolkit. Along the journey weve also created a career course, Live Off Your Passion, as well as How to Connect With Anyone, designed to help you build genuine connections with the people who can change everything. We look forward to this being just the beginning.

With the Your Best Year Ever goal setting and achievement course, you can launch into ready to brush obstacles aside and achieve your goals. For many of us, has been a grab-bag of obstacles.

Zig Ziglar - Goal Setting Process Workbook

Ok, so I might be just a tad fired up this morning yes, even more than usual. I hope to at least record the audio for those of your interested. For real. Corbett has taught me just about everything I know in online business, built and launched both LYL sites over the past few years and is the most honest guy I know teaching this stuff. Fizzle also has a course from me on how to build genuine life-long connections. And LYL would be nowhere without it.

It caused us to look at the world and our paths in a completely new way, to focus on the few things we can control our thoughts, how we treat others, our contributions to the world, etc. It helped us to discover more about our own unique selves, to question the norm and to do the things that served us individually and as a couple. We learned and continued to learn many things about all sorts of topics—health, relationships, personal growth, and more—but I know that one of the things that stuck with both Scott and me was this…. It is up to you to take the steps that are in your control to get the life you want… no one else is gonna do that for you! And we make it totally free to all of you. Just a link you get to click to download! This workbook was created to get you crystal clear on your vision, goals and the actions required to make them happen—so that can be the best year yet.

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Teacher Goal Setting Examples

Your contribution can help change lives. Donate now. Sixteen training modules for teaching core skills. Learn more.

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