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Practical Hospital Bag Checklist for Labor and Delivery [with a FREE pdf printable!]

Your bump is growing. But what exactly do you need to pack? Read on to find a full hospital packing list for mama-to-be, baby and dad, together with a few of our recommendations. That way you can have everything you need ready to go, leaving you free to focus on your birth experience with baby. These are the must-haves that will take you through labour and your whole hospital stay.

When it comes to picking what to wear in labour, think comfort. Pick something roomy that you can move about in easily.

Pack your birth plan too. It can help to pop a post-it note on top of your packed bag to remind you to put them in at the last minute. Did you know that many mums say they get cold feet in labour?

Be prepared by packing a pair of your favourite snuggly socks. We love these ones from Kindred Bravely, with inspirational mottos for labour and motherhood, which remind you to keep a sense of humour throughout it all!

Pack everything you need for a night or two away. Travel sized items are good to save space in your luggage. During labour there can be swathes of time when you are waiting around and have nothing to do. Be prepared by packing books, magazines and any easy to carry hobbies.

Whatever you choose, load up your phone with your favourite playlists to see you through labour. Clear some space so you can take plenty of videos and photos of the birth. Download your favourite TV shows or even a movie to your phone or tablet and bring them along too. Breastfeeding can be tricky at the start.

One thing that can make a big difference to your own comfort and to getting your baby in the right position is a breastfeeding pillow. Hospital is the one time that a lot of loose change will come in handy.

You might need it to pay for parking, to pay for drinks and snacks from the vending machine and to pay for the bedside TV. Start a change jar in the last weeks of pregnancy to build up a stash of coins that you can take into hospital with you.

Forget your fancy pants. Big, comfy, tummy hugging knick-knacks are what you need. Nobody warns you about the seriously heavy bleeding after birth.

And to pack lots of them. Pack some comfy clothes to wear after birth. Either nighties or pyjamas or loose, comfy clothes. If you plan to breastfeed choose tops that are easy to open at the front. Either way pack plenty of breast pads.

Nipple cream is a must for breastfeeding mamas too. If not, write a Post-it note to stick to the top of your bag to remind you to find them and pop them in. They can double up as slippers or you can buy cosy slippers as well. You might think your bump will magically vanish and you can pack your favourite outfits from before pregnancy. So pick comfy clothes with elasticated waists. Get advice and share experiences in this pregnancy chat forum exclusively for expecting mamas.

When push comes to shove you might be glad of some more than others, but having all these to hand gives you more options to plan for your best birthing experience. Many mums say that a TENS machine is a godsend in early labour, helping them cope with the pain of contractions. It sends small, safe pulses of electrical current through your skin, giving you a gentle tingling or buzzing sensation. It sounds strange but it really can help distract you from pain and might be worth a try.

Birthing balls are a great aid for labour. Sitting on a birthing ball in labour increases the blood flow to your uterus and placenta and helps open up the pelvis and hips. And it really helps you to find a comfy position to labour in.

Spritzing water on your face in labour can keep you cool down and make you feel a little less hot and hectic. Here you can find a list of everything your newborn baby will need after birth and in the first few days in the maternity ward.

You might be surprised by quite how many nappies a teeny tiny newborn baby goes through in a day. They can get through as many as a day! So buy a large pack of newborn nappies and start stocking up. Newborns have delicate skin, which is sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. The best way to clean them during a nappy change is with cotton wool dipped in warm water.

Sleepsuits with easy open front poppers or fastenings which can help make nappy changing easier. Sleepsuits with feet are also good for keeping baby warm and cosy in the first days after birth. You can pack six sleepsuits for the first days after birth. Pack plenty to wrap dirty nappies in, so they can be disposed of easily. Many babies are born with long and surprisingly sharp nails for something so tiny.

Pop in a couple of pairs of scratch mittens to prevent them marking their skin. Tiny babies can get cold easily. Pack a couple of hats and some booties to keep them nice and snug. Later, they can double up as makeshift bibs, bandanas and even comfort blankets. Buy a big pack and take them with you to use from day one.

Remember though, to remove any thick coats or snowsuits before placing your baby in the car seat. If not they can overheat and the added layers may also prevent the car seat straps from securing them tight enough in the seat. The hospital will provide blankets but you might also like to pack a soft, snugly one of your own.

Make sure you have a newborn car seat installed in the car. If you need some guidance we have compared the Top 5 Convertible Car Seats lightweight car seats which transition from baby to toddler here.

Labour and birth are all about mum and baby. Labour can be long. Or take in books, crosswords and hobbies. You might be in hospital overnight or for a few days. Pack comfy clothes for your partner to change into if they need to freshen up. These little extras are all things you might not have thought of, but which may make your hospital stay that little bit more comfortable. Hospitals will provide you with a towel but they can be small and scratchy and not the most luxurious of items.

Handy for wiping down surfaces in your hospital room and the communal bathroom so you can keep everything as clean as possible. Antiseptic hand gel is also good for any visitors to use before they cuddle your tiny newborn. Changing nappies and washing your hands several times a day can dry them out. Pop a little tube of hand cream in your bag so you can keep them moisturised. Pack your own, along with a mini flask and maybe even your favourite mug to treat yourself on the ward. One post-birth worry that new mums seldom share, is the fear of doing the first poo after birth.

Pop some stool softeners in your toiletry bag just in case. After childbirth you can feel sore and tender. Sprays like this herbal perineal spray can provide soothing relief. You can use it before and after trips to the bathroom and anytime you need a little care down there.

If you already have a child or older children, it can be comforting to pack a photo of them to place by your bedside. Pack some lip balm to ward it off. Hospital food is not known for being cordon bleu. One thing you might crave is fresh fruit. It can be hard to sleep in a hospital ward.

An eye mask can be a great help. They can even help you grab some peace and naps in the daytime too. It makes your room smell and feel so much nicer, and so much more like home.

Download and print out our handy Hospital bag checklist printable here, so you can start getting everything ready for your big day. A place where expecting mamas support each other day by day. As we all move towards our ideal birth experience and prepare to be the very best mamas we can be. Bleeding and spotting in pregnancy can be one of the scariest things to happen to expectant mums. Not registered yet? Create an account. Only fill in if you are not human.

Hospital Bag Checklist

If you have crossed the week mark you know you could be heading to the hospital any time baby is ready to come. Make sure you have your hospital bag ready, packed, and stashed in your car well in advance. Sure, there are tons of lists on the internet, but this one is the only one you will need if you are giving birth anywhere in India. While hospitals abroad ensure a few supplies are ready for mom and baby, Indian hospitals operate slightly differently. So here is a complete checklist of all the things you will need in your hospital bag for yourself and for the baby before you bring your little bundle back home. For Moms: Clothes, Accessories, Toiletries. Miscellaneous essentials:.

I like to be prepared, but I am fairly practical. Eventually, I decided to create my own packing list and work from that document. Did I miss anything? What did you love having in your hospital bag? I would love to hear from you — leave a comment below! Want more Free Printables and creative ideas for families? Save Save.

An Indian Mom's List Of Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag (Bonus: Downloadable Checklist!)

Inside: The essential hospital bag checklist for mom and baby. I know the feeling! This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

A free hospital bag checklist printable that you can personalize before you print. You can download, print, or send the customized list by email. This list includes items that both mom and baby will require.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure at the bottom of the page. Congratulations on your baby, momma! Whether this is your first baby or maybe your second or third- this labor checklist is meant to be simple and no extras.

Ultimate hospital bag checklist (with FREE printable)

Your bump is growing. But what exactly do you need to pack? Read on to find a full hospital packing list for mama-to-be, baby and dad, together with a few of our recommendations. That way you can have everything you need ready to go, leaving you free to focus on your birth experience with baby. These are the must-haves that will take you through labour and your whole hospital stay.

Childbirth is one of the most important and emotional events in life for the prospective parents. The journey from conception till childbirth is soaked up in mixed up emotions of stress, anxiety, curiosity, and happiness. It ends by making its way for the mood of celebration and homecoming of the newborn. Packing the maternity bag is one of the bizarre qualities that the expecting mother naturally possesses. Since normal labor can take place anywhere between 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy , it is always a fairly good idea to pack the maternity bags in the 37th week of gestation just to avoid the last-minute confusion and rush. It is a nice idea to pack two bags during the preparation for the delivery, one for items required during the labour say, Bag 1 and the other for the items required after the baby has been delivered Bag 2.

Printable Hospital Bag Checklist Template for Labor and Delivery

A lot of moms also appreciate a good nursing pillow because it helps so much with positioning baby while breastfeeding. This one is a bit smaller which makes it easy to bring with you. First of all, I recommend bringing 3 small to medium size bags to the hospital. One for you, one for your partner, and one for the baby. Having a huge bag with everything inside makes it hard to find what you need in the moment. Trust me, digging around in a bag that appears to be bottomless, trying to find something in a dark hospital room for a mom who's working really hard to have a baby is not a fun task!

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Printable Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist

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