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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. In this book, the state-of-the-art fuzzy-model-based FMB based control approaches are covered. A comprehensive review about the stability analysis of type-1 and type-2 FMB control systems using the Lyapunov-based approach is given, presenting a clear picture to researchers who would like to work on this field. A wide variety of continuous-time nonlinear control systems such as state-feedback, switching, time-delay and sampled-data FMB control systems, are covered.

Fuzzy Control Systems: LMI-Based Design

Large-scale interconnected systems have become more prominent in society due to a higher demand for sustainable development. As such, it is imperative to create effective methods and techniques to control such systems. Large-Scale Fuzzy Interconnected Control Systems Design and Analysis is an innovative source of academic research that discusses the latest approaches to control large-scale systems, and the challenges that occur when implementing them. Highlighting a critical range of topics such as system stability, system stabilization, and fuzzy rules, this book is an ideal publication for engineers, researchers, academics, graduate students, and practitioners interested in the design of large-scale interconnected systems. Buy Hardcover. Add to Cart. More Information.

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A fuzzy control system is a control system based on fuzzy logic —a mathematical system that analyzes analog input values in terms of logical variables that take on continuous values between 0 and 1, in contrast to classical or digital logic, which operates on discrete values of either 1 or 0 true or false, respectively. Fuzzy logic is widely used in machine control. The term "fuzzy" refers to the fact that the logic involved can deal with concepts that cannot be expressed as the "true" or "false" but rather as "partially true". Although alternative approaches such as genetic algorithms and neural networks can perform just as well as fuzzy logic in many cases, fuzzy logic has the advantage that the solution to the problem can be cast in terms that human operators can understand, so that their experience can be used in the design of the controller. This makes it easier to mechanize tasks that are already successfully performed by humans. Fuzzy logic was proposed by Lotfi A.

Request PDF | Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis: A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach | This chapter starts with the introduction of the.

Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis: A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. However, it unfortunately suffers from criticism of lacking of systematic stability analysis and controller design though it has a great success in industry applications. In the past ten years or so, prevailing research efforts on fuzzy logic control have been devoted to model-based fuzzy control systems that guarantee not only stability but also performance of closed-loop fuzzy control systems.

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Fuzzy control system

Multivariable Fuzzy Logic Control Systems Design

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Topics Covered

This chapter describes widespread methods of model-based fuzzy control systems. The subject of this chapter is a systematic framework for the stability and design of nonlinear fuzzy control systems. We are trying to build a bridge between conventional fuzzy control and classic control theory. By building this bridge, the strong well developed tools of classic control could be used in model-based fuzzy control systems. Model-based fuzzy control, with the possibility of guaranteeing the closed loop stability, is an attractive method for control of nonlinear systems. The concept of sector nonlinearity Kawamoto et al. One important advantage of using such a method for control design is that the closed-loop stability analysis, using the Lyapunov method, becomes easier to apply.

This balanced treatment features an overview of fuzzy control modeling and stability analysis as well as a section on the use of linear matrix inequalities lmi as an approach to fuzzy design and control. Fault detection and control co design for discrete time delayed fuzzy networked control systems subject to quantization and multiple packet dropouts fuzzy sets and systems v nc p1 25 january Fuzzy control systems design and analysis. Building on the so called takagi sugeno fuzzy model a number of most important issues in fuzzy control systems are addressed. Fuzzy control systems design and analysis addresses these issues in the framework of parallel distributed compensation a controller structure devised in accordance with the fuzzy model. Fuzzy control systems design and analysis a linear matrix inequality approach kazuo tanaka and hua o. Nowadays fuzzy control systems are successfully applied in many technical and non technical fields.

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