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Reliability, Life Testing and the Prediction of Service Lives

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Statistical Theory of Reliability and Life Testing: Probability Models

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Barlow and F. Barlow , F. Proschan Published Mathematics, Computer Science. Abstract : This is the first of two books on the statistical theory of reliability and life testing.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book is intended for students and practitioners who have had a calculus-based statistics course and who have an interest in safety considerations such as reliability, strength, and duration-of-load or service life. Many persons studying statistical science will be employed professionally where the problems encountered are obscure, what should be analyzed is not clear, the appropriate assumptions are equivocal, and data are scant. Yet tutorial problems of this nature are virtually never encountered in coursework.

The purpose of Reliability testing is to assure that the software product is bug free and reliable enough for its expected purpose. Reliability means "yielding the same," in other terms, the word "reliable" means something is dependable and that it will give the same outcome every time. The same is true for Reliability testing. In this tutorial, you will learn- What is Reliability Testing? Reliability Testing can be categorized into three segments, Modeling Measurement Improvement The following formula is for calculating the probability of failure. This testing helps discover many problems in the software design and functionality.

Reliability, Life Testing and the Prediction of Service Lives

Save extra with 2 Offers. Naikan Book Summary: This compact and easy-to-understand text presents the underlying principles and practice of reliability engineering and life testing. It describes the various techniques available for reliability analysis and prediction and explains the statistical methods necessary for reliability modelling, analysis and estimation. The text also discusses in detail the concepts of life testing, its classification and methodologies as well as accelerated life tests, the methodologies and models of stress related failure rates evaluation, and data analysis. Besides, it elaborates on the principles, methods and equipment of highly accelerated life testing and highly accelerated stress screening.

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Reliability Glossary

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Statistical Theory of Reliability and Life Testing: Probability Models

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