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It utilizes only half of AC cycle for the conversion process. The Half-Wave Rectifier is unidirectional; it means it will allow the conduction in one direction only. This is the reason that it is called Half Wave Rectifier.

Now we come to the most popular application of the diode : rectification. Simply defined, rectification is the conversion of alternating current AC to direct current DC. This involves a device that only allows one-way flow of electric charge. As we have seen, this is exactly what a semiconductor diode does.

Electronic Circuits - Full Wave Rectifiers

In both cases, rectification is performed by utilizing the characteristic that current flows only in the positive direction in a diode. Full-wave rectification rectifies the negative component of the input voltage to a positive voltage, then converts it into DC pulse current utilizing a diode bridge configuration. In contrast, half-wave rectification removes just the negative voltage component using a single diode before converting to DC. From this, it can be said that full-wave rectification is a more efficient method than half-wave rectification since the entire waveform is used. Also, a ripple voltage that appears after smoothing will vary depending on the capacitance of this capacitor and the load.

Difference Between Half Wave and Full Wave Rectifier

A Rectifier circuit that rectifies both the positive and negative half cycles can be termed as a full wave rectifier as it rectifies the complete cycle. The construction of a full wave rectifier can be made in two types. They are. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us now go through both of their construction and working along with their waveforms to know which one is better and why.

Before going to bridge rectifier, we need to know what actually a rectifier is and what is the need for a rectifier. Rectifiers are mainly classified into three types: Half-wave rectifier , Center tapped full-wave rectifier and Bridge rectifier. In half wave rectifier, only 1 half cycle is allowed and the remaining half cycle is blocked. As a result, nearly half of the applied power is wasted in half wave rectifier. In addition to this, the output current or voltage produced by half wave rectifier is not a pure DC but a pulsating DC which is not much useful. In order to overcome this problem, scientists developed a new type of rectifier known as center tapped full wave rectifier. The main advantage of center tapped full wave rectifier is that it allows electric current during both positive and negative half cycles of the input AC signal.

Full-Wave Rectification and Half-Wave Rectification

A Full wave rectifier is a circuit arrangement which makes use of both half cycles of input alternating current AC and converts them to direct current DC. In our tutorial on Half wave rectifiers , we have seen that a half wave rectifier makes use of only one-half cycle of the input alternating current. This process of converting both half cycles of the input supply alternating current to direct current DC is termed full wave rectification.

The diode allows the current to flow only in one direction. Thus, converts the AC voltage into DC voltage. Half Wave and Full Wave Rectifier In Half Wave Rectifier, when the AC supply is applied at the input, a positive half cycle appears across the load, whereas the negative half cycle is suppressed. This can be done by using the semiconductor PN junction diode.

The main advantages of a full-wave bridge rectifier is that it has a smaller AC ripple value for a given load and a smaller reservoir or smoothing capacitor than an equivalent half-wave rectifier. A full-wave bridge rectifier does not require a center-tapped transformer. Definition of Half Wave Rectifier.

Difference Between Half Wave and Full Wave Rectifier

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