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By Paul A. Please visit us at j? Section C, 'Concentration', expounds the esoteric secrets of Meditation. This section is a very advanced series of lessons that not only develops the essential skill of concentration but commences the student upon the 'Path of Return' with a series of powerful "Qabalistic Meditations.

This lesson series indeed represents some of the most advanced material written by Paul Case. Section D, 'Magic', provides the esoteric secrets of Magic in a very rare exposition of the fundamental tenets of magical practice by one of the greatest occultists of the 20th century. Here again is material published by Paul Case that cannot be found in any of his later developed lesson series and provides insight into the "tools of the trade" practiced by Golden Dawn enthusiasts today.

Paul Case's students completed the 'First Year Course' or 'Section A' and 'Section B' before beginning the two advanced lesson series found in this volume.

Likewise, I recommend all aspiring students to first proceed with each lesson of the first volume of the 'Early Writings' series, "Occult Fundamentals and Spiritual Unfoldment" two weeks at a time.

Armed with this essential background, the serious student should have no problem tackling the very advanced lesson material found in this current volume. As with the first volume of the 'Early Writing Series', Francois Cartier has lovingly typeset the text, added Hebrew and Greek font, and meticulously restored the diagrams from old mimeographs. Truly without Francois' assistance, this book would not exist today. Introduction Have you ever noticed that in all the Hollywood movies, when it comes down to dealing with the forces of Evil, who gets the call for the battle?

The Priest or Minister! Half of the time, they lose. The Evil invades their consecrated church and they usually end up having to sacrifice their life in order to fend off the powers of darkness. Sound familiar? It should. I can think of half a dozen plots where this happened. Not a very satisfying outcome, is it? You would think with God on their side they'd be better at this. Perhaps they picked the wrong professional to champion their cause. As an ordained minister, I can testify that battling spiritual evil was not one of the emphasized courses at seminary!

Unless we can talk them to submission! We had to take Homiletics or the art of delivering sermons every semester. So, who better fits the job description of providing guidance along the uncharted by-ways of consciousness and steering the lost seeker around the pitfalls they may encounter.

Just who is better suited to act as the guardian who stands between the naYve explorer and the forces of the shadow? The person of the Magus, the master of occult knowledge and the adept of the mystical sciences of the inner side of consciousness and the powers of nature is the person that fulfills these requirements. The illuminated soul, who has struggled up the mountain of spiritual evolution and is dedicated to serving humanity in need, is a candidate at which we might look.

Taverner," and my own, "The Broken Seal. Those that have through self discipline and sacrifice have proceeded a little further down the road of spiritual development than the rest of us and have paused to turn and extend a helping hand to those in need. The senior adepti of the esoteric traditions have dedicated their lives to serve humanity and seem truly mythical in our modem, materialistic age.

But they are not. They exist, in the real world, right now and are doing their quiet but vital work. A survey of history reveals that some of the most important events are linked to these individuals. Francis Bacon conceived the founding of the Royal Society of England and its subsequent role in modem Freemasonry. John Dee foretold the sinking of the Spanish Armada.

The French Revolution and the crown heads no pun intended were connected to the Comte de St. Even the American Revolution had its mysterious "Professor. Paul Foster Case is an excellent example of the Magus. His life story that I outlined in Volume I of this series is replete with faithful encounters and initiations.

His prodigious volumes of teachings, still largely unknown outside of The Builders of the Adytum, the. All who come into contact with them will testi F y that they bear the signature of one who truly knows and has experienced as contrasted to one who only writes about. In the present volume of the early writings, he speaks more clearly and openly as an initiate about the inner secrets of meditation and magic than ever before or since.

The practice of meditation is the foundation of any serious system of consciousne;ss development. In his lessons on this subject he exhibits his extensive knowledge of both the Eastern and Western traditions.

These lessons provide sure, step-by-step guidance in mastering these critical skills. In his discussion of Magic, we are privileged to be able to gain true insight into a subject about which so much nonsense and misinformation has been published.

With the guidance of this great initiate, we penetrate to the adytum of the true teaching of this essential subject of the Mysteries. Paul Case's goal in his writings was to help the aspiring student develop their latent powers th,at would lead to realizations within them selves.

This transformation would allow them to conta :t their true inner teacher and the Inner Hierarchy of the Inner School that they might unite wii:h them to help others. This dedication to the betterment of humanity is one of the hallmarks of the true Magus. They are content to remain in the background letting others take the credit when necessary, all the while working for the upliftment of genuine seekers. These early writings present a process that followed conscientiously will lead the earnest student to that ever illusive goal of Self-knowledge.

May you rest beneath the shadow of His wings whose name is peace, Jehovah. Practice of Concentration "Be well grounded in theory before you attempt to practice" is an alchemical maxim, and since our work in this Section is really a phase of alchemy, we shall do well to heed the admonition. Since the revival of interest in the Ageless Wisdom hundreds of books about concentration have been published, but it is surprising how vague many of them seem to be concerning a matter which is surely of great importance --just what concentration is, and what force it seeks to control.

Our first care shall be to get this clear. We shall begin with some specific examples, rather than with definitions, because we believe this method will make it easier for you to see the principle at work in the various instances. Up in the Catskills a little stream flows down the mountain side. A child could wade from bank to bank without any difficulty. Here in New York the water from that same stream and others like it rushes from the nozzle of a firehouse with enough force to knock a man down.

A chemist puts a solution in a retort and boils it. Thus he makes the solution stronger, and calls it a concentrated extract. In much the same way metals are said to be concentrated from ore. The ore is put into crucibles, heat is applied, and the pwe metal is separated from the dross. A general brings up battalion after battalion from various parts of his army and masses their strength against a single sector of the enemy's line.

The newspapers tell us that he has concentrated his forces at that point. In each of the foregoing instances something has been made stronger or purer by massing its component parts in a smaller area than they occupied before. The soldiers are brought closer together. The metal scattered through the ore is fused into a single ingot.

The chemist's work of distillation crowds the molecules of his solution in close formation. The water pouring from the firehouse combines the forces of several little streams. Concentration, then, may be defined as the packing together of units of force. This definition includes all the examples we have given, because the units, whether they be metals, molecules, drops of water or soldiers, are all built up from the One Power which you studied in the first lesson of Section A.

Every kind of concentration on the physical plane is a condensation of the force of electrons, a packing together of units of electro-magnetic force. When this fact is taken into consideration, it becomes evident that some so-called definitions of concentration must be incorrect.

It is impossible to "concentrate attention," because attention is only a name for one of the mind's ways of acting -- the way, in fact, whereby we affect the particular kind of energy mass-formation which we are now beginning to study. The act of attention is the means which enables us to concentrate, but that act is not what we should regard as the subject of the operation, any more than a chemist's crucible or retort is the thing worked upon in the examples mentioned above.

That we misuse language when we speak of concentrating ow minds may not be so apparent, for it. For them "mind" means the sum-total of the conscious states of an individual, and this is not what we shall be occupied with in our practice.

Yet there is no particular difliculty in finding out just what it is that we shall learn to concentmte. We have seen that all physical substances are modes of One Thing. So, too, are all other substances, or if you prefer, forces. Swami Vivekananda, you remember, says that Prana is the energy manifested in all modes of force, from thought-force down to the lowest physical activities.

When Qabalists say that the Rauch in man includes the powers of all the Sephiroth from Chesed to Yesod, they also identi6 Ruach with the force which takes form as thought.

Thus Ruach is the Qabalistic designation for that in us which takes form as thought, for the specific activities of the One Thing which are classified as mental states. Ruach is thus the Hebrew equivalent of the Sanskrit term Chitta, which is variously translated as "the thinking principle," "mind-stuff,Itor "the psychic nature.

Here are three translations of the second sentence in that book: a. Concentration is the hindering of the modifications of the thinking principle. Yoga is restraining the mind-stuff Chitta from taking various forms Vrittis.

Union, spiritual consciousness, is gained through control of the versatile psychic nature. The first version is from an old edition of the Sutras, now out of print, published in Bombay by the Theosophical Society. The second is that of the Swami Vivekananda. The third is that of Charles Johnston, whose translation of Patanjali we prefer to either of the others. In this particular instance, however, "control" seems to be a weaker verb than "hindering" or "restraint," because it does not make quite so evident the fact that the thinking principle is governed by right use of the principle of limitation, by checking and circumscribing its activity.


Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. This current volume provides the two additional lecture series that complete the original fundamental course structure of Paul Case. Section C, Concentration, expounds the esoteric secrets of Meditation.

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Paul Foster Case October 3, — March 2, was an American occultist of the early 20th century and author of numerous books on occult tarot and Qabalah. Perhaps his greatest contributions to the field of occultism were the lessons he wrote for associate members of Builders of the Adytum or B. The knowledge lectures given to initiated members of the chapters of the B.

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Occulta is a magical organization and "Aquarian Age" mystery school in the Western Mystery Tradition. The Fraternity of the Hidden Light was founded in the early s, by Dr. Paul Clark, who trained with B. The Fraternity of the Hidden Light is structured into several levels. There is first the "Probationary" level, in which training in general esoteric knowledge and basic skills, such as meditation, is given.

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