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Extraction of Metals from Soils and Waters pp Cite as. Since the actinide ions are classified as hard acids they associate most strongly with hard base complexants. Among these complexants, those with oxygen donor groups have been the most widely used. By contrast with transition metal and post-transition metal ions, actinides can frequently achieve higher coordination numbers than six. Therefore multidentates that can accommodate to high coordination numbers are good candidates for being extractants for actinides. Another feature of the actinides is their occurrence as oxycations. These cations present a different challenge in designing complexants since there is the possibility of introducing functional groups that can associate with the oxide groups as well as the metal center of the oxycation.

Lanthanide complexes are of increasing importance in cancer diagnosis and therapy, owing to the versatile chemical and magnetic properties of the lanthanide-ion 4f electronic configuration. As the potential utility of lanthanides in these areas continues to increase, this timely perspective of current applications will be useful to medicinal chemists and other investigators interested in the latest developments and trends in this emerging field. The problem of cancer is not new. It was recently reported that the oldest evidence of this disease was found in the remains of a 4, year old Egyptian woman. Some early treatments included the cauterization of tumors, and the ingestion of boiled barley mixed with nuts to treat stomach cancer. In particular, a very powerful diagnostic method involves magnetic resonance imaging MRI in which metal-based contrast agents are administered to improve image resolution. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy XRT , and targeted therapy are some of the main types of cancer therapy.

The informal chemical symbol Ln is used in general discussions of lanthanide chemistry to refer to any lanthanide. All but one of the lanthanides are f-block elements, corresponding to the filling of the 4f electron shell. There is some dispute on whether lanthanum or lutetium is a d-block element, but lutetium is usually considered so by those who study the matter; [5] [6] it is included due to its chemical similarities with the other They are called lanthanides because the elements in the series are chemically similar to lanthanum. Since "lanthanide" means "like lanthanum", it has been argued that lanthanum cannot logically be a lanthanide, but IUPAC acknowledges its inclusion based on common usage. In presentations of the periodic table , the f-block elements are customarily shown as two additional rows below the main body of the table, [2] This convention is entirely a matter of aesthetics and formatting practicality; a rarely used wide-formatted periodic table inserts the 4f and 5f series in their proper places, as parts of the table's sixth and seventh rows periods. The ending "-ide" normally indicates a negative ion.

6.14: Lanthanides and Actinides

Studies of electronic configurations in the emission spectra of lanthanides and actinides: application to the interpretation of Es I and Es II, predictions for Fm I. Actinides In actinides the differentiating electron enters 5f orbitals. Journal of Solid State Chemistry. The series of actinides is naturally divided into two segments. They should sit in the middle of the table in the transition metal block. Actinides: Electronic configuration. Since is designated as International Year of the Periodic Table, it is an appropriate time to reflect on lanthanide and actinide chemistry.

The lanthanides and actinides form a group that appears almost disconnected from the rest of the periodic table. This is the f block of elements, known as the inner transition series. This is due to the proper numerical position between Groups 2 and 3 of the transition metals. The 14 elements numbers 58 to 71 of the lanthanide series are also known as the rare earth elements. Most lanthanides are formed when uranium and plutonium undergo nuclear reactions.

Russian "nesting dolls" often known as matryoshka dolls have a long history in Russia. These dolls are designed to nest inside of one another. When we open the largest doll, we find a somewhat smaller doll inside it. These dolls can often go down seven or eight layers, but some can go upwards of over thirty-five layers. We see some hidden "layers" in chemistry.


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The Lanthanides consist of the elements in the f-block of period six in the periodic table. While these metals can be considered transition metals, they have properties that set them apart from the rest of the elements. The Lanthanides were first discovered in when a unusual black mineral was found in Ytterby, Sweden.

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Extraction of Actinides and Lanthanides

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