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This "Practice" test is a modified version of the actual test … Clerical aptitude tests are designed to identify candidates who can work quickly and accurately in administrative roles.

Clerical Aptitude Tests

The success of an organization depends not only upon the right leaders but also upon the right members of the staff. Unfortunately, the clerical staff is not only ignored for their jobs but are paid low. Many organization suffer for efficiency and performance problems in the office staff. Some managers think that a clerical test for clerical aptitude plays a vital role in screening and selection of the clerks. If you are intended to go for such a job, you should not ignore entry level aptitude tests. They measure your skills required for clerical and administrative positions.

Sample Clerical Test For Clerical Aptitude

Clerical aptitude questions are designed to identify candidates who can work quickly and accurately in administrative roles and there are two types of clerical aptitude questions that you should familiarise yourself with. These are most often used when selecting candidates for administrative and clerical jobs where mistakes can have serious or expensive consequences. This includes areas like financial services, legal services and healthcare. This sample question paper contains 12 questions and has a suggested time limit of 5 minutes. Data Checking tests present you with number of tables of information which must be checked against each other.

Business support is one of the most important areas in any organisation. Administrative and clerical teams allow a business to operate efficiently. Consequently, the staff who work in these departments must be highly skilled. To verify the suitability of candidates, an employer may use what is known as a clerical aptitude test. Many employers use clerical aptitude tests to screen potential employees because the skills they assess are applicable in a variety of roles. Clerical team members are employed in industries including corporate settings, education, manufacturing and medicine; clerical aptitude is beneficial in many business areas, such as marketing, finance, operations and logistics. Clerical duties can vary from taking messages and diary management to more complex tasks such as managing an inventory, supervising others and managing customer data.

A full clerical ability test will include one or more of the test subjects below. We suggest practicing all subjects to get familiar with the type of questions and be.

Free Clerical Ability Sample Questions

Are you looking for a sample pre-employment clerical test? These types of tests typically have several components, including language, math and computer software skills, as well as typing speed. Whether you are an employer who needs to add a clerical employee to your staff or an individual who is in the process of applying for this type of job, the sample tests presented here can be very helpful. LoveToKnow has created three free printable clerical skill assessments for you to download and use.

Free Pre Employment Clerical Test

Clerical Ability Test

This section provides sample practice clerical and administrative written exams for the federal sector. Job announcements will specify whether or not a written exam is required and you will be notified of the testing date and location. The majority of clerical and administrative written tests are waived and applicants typically complete an online occupational questionnaire and a federal resume. The following sample tests help applicants prepare for written exams if required.

Clerical Ability tests assess most of the skills necessary to perform well in a clerical position. Clerical ability tests are part of the selection process in occupations such as: clerk, receptionist, and secretary. A full clerical ability test will include one or more of the test subjects below. We suggest practicing all subjects to get familiar with the type of questions and be better prepared for your own assessment test. Are you recruiting and looking for a Clerical Ability Test? Try a free Clerical Ability Test.

Clerical aptitude tests are designed to identify candidates who can work quickly and accurately in administrative roles. Because mistakes in accounting, billing or shipping information can be very expensive, organisations are increasingly using this type of test when recruiting for positions such as clerical jobs, bank staff, cashiers, warehouse workers and other positions requiring concentrated work with client details. The selection tests may also include a typing test if this is part of the job description. There are two types of test that are specific to clerical and administrative roles.

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Clerical aptitude tests evaluate the skill level of candidates applying for clerical or administrative jobs. The skills assessed within these tests include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, error checking, data filing and document management skills. A clerical aptitude test specifically assesses proficiency at tasks related to clerical or administrative work, helping employers to determine which candidates have the skill level necessary for the job. The most common clerical aptitude tests include assessments of verbal reasoning , basic numeracy , error checking proficiency and situational judgement tests.

Clerical Aptitude Tests

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Download Practice Clerical Aptitude Tests

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