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Job analysis is primary tool in personnel management. In this method, a personnel manager tries to gather, synthesize and implement the information available regarding the workforce in the concern. A personnel manager has to undertake job analysis so as to put right man on right job. There are two outcomes of job analysis : Job description Job specification. The preparation of job description is very important before a vacancy is advertised.

Job Analysis: Definition, Importance, Components, Methods, Purpose, Process

Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job. The information thus collected is analyzed, and the facts about the nature of job working conditions and qualities in an employee can be easily known. Job analysis defines the jobs within the organization and the behaviors necessary to perform these jobs. Job Analysis is a systematic exploration, study, and recording of the responsibilities, duties, skills, accountabilities, work environment, and ability requirements of a specific job. It also involves determining the relative importance of the duties, responsibilities, and physical and emotional skills for a given job. Mathis and Jackson view job analysis as a systematic way to gather and analyze information about the content and human requirements of jobs, and the context in which jobs are performed.

Job Description Vs Job Specification

With the help of job analysis, two main documents are prepared namely, job description and job specification. Job Description differs from job specification, in the sense that the former is a statement that explains the essential needs of a job whereas the latter is a statement which states the least qualifications, required in the job holder for the performance of a particular job. These are an integral part of HRM because it is required for every single position of the organisation, whether it is a finance manager, HR manager, production manager, marketing manager or any other job of low echelon. Job description list out the job title, tasks, duties, roles and responsibilities, with respect to the particular job. The article presents you significant differences between job description and job specification in tabular form. Basis for Comparison Job Description Job Specification Meaning Job Description is a concise written statement, explaining about what are the major requirements of a particular job. The statement which explains the minimum eligibility requirements, for performing a particular job is known as Job Specification.

Lecture 3 –(Chapter 5 of textbook) Job Analysis, Job Design

The critical difference between job description and job specification is that; former is the summary of all the task, role and responsibilities specifying what the company is offering to the candidate. Whereas, the latter is an overview of all the attributes, experience and qualification which the company is looking for in a candidate to pursue the job. Job analysis refers to the identification of the vacant job position and description of the task, duties, role, responsibilities and job title along with related requirements.

Job analysis

Job Description and Job Specification

The intention behind job analysis is to answer questions such as:. Effectively developed, employee job descriptions are communication tools that are significant in an organization's success. The main purpose of conducting job analysis is to prepare job description and job specification which would help to hire skilled workforce. Job description is a statement of information about duties and responsibilities of a particular job.

Job analysis also known as work analysis [1] is a family of procedures to identify the content of a job in terms of the activities it involves in addition to the attributes or requirements necessary to perform those activities. Job analysis provides information to organizations that helps them determine which employees are best fit for specific jobs. The process of job analysis involves the analyst gathering information about the duties of the incumbent, the nature and conditions of the work, and some basic qualifications. After this, the job analyst has completed a form called a job psychograph , which displays the mental requirements of the job. This list contains the functional or duty areas of a position, the related tasks, and the basic training recommendations. Subject matter experts incumbents and supervisors for the position being analyzed need to validate this final list in order to validate the job analysis. Job analysis is crucial for first, helping individuals develop their careers, and also for helping organizations develop their employees in order to maximize talent.

While doing the job analysis, there are two main documents that are prepared to help explain the essentials skills and qualifications that the job applicants need to possess to perform the job well. The fundamental difference between the two is: job description is the summary of all the tasks, role, and responsibilities that the company is offering to the candidate, and job specification is an overview of all the attributes, experience, skills, and qualification that the company is looking for in a candidate. A job description is the detailed information of the vacant position that states the job title, job location, duties, responsibilities, job role, etc. The HR manager creates this document to invite applications from prospective candidates for the open role. A job specification states the attributes, skills, knowledge, educational qualification, and experience needed in a candidate to perform a particular job. The manager drafts the job specification after preparing the job description. While drafting the job specification, the manager identifies the necessary abilities and attributes needed for accomplishing the task.

Job Analysis is a primary tool to collect job-related data. The process results in collecting and recording two data sets including job description and job specification. Any job vacancy can not be filled until and unless HR manager has these two sets of data.

Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. This toolkit reviews how job analysis can be used to identify the knowledge, skills and expertise required to effectively perform job assignments, establish criteria for selection and promotions, design objectives for training and development programs, develop the standards for the measurement of performance, and assist with the determination of pay classification levels. Job analysis is the process of studying a job to determine which activities and responsibilities it includes, its relative importance to other jobs, the qualifications necessary for performance of the job and the conditions under which the work is performed. An important concept in job analysis is that the job, not the person doing the job, is assessed, even though human resources HR may collect some job analysis data from incumbents.

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    human qualities which helps to perform a job. Job specification translates the job description into human qualifications so that a job can be performed in a better manner. Job specification helps in hiring an appropriate person for an appropriate position.

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